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Server AppFabric Beta 2 Configuration March 2, 2010

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Following the installation as outlined in my previous blog post, I find myself presented with the following configuration wizard:


In my case I wish to investigate the monitoring capability of AppFabric so I’m going to check to set the monitoring configuration, with a SqlClient as the monitoring provider. I filled the configure form and confirmed the change as follows:

image image

If you had installed caching with the Beta 1 installation you may receive the following message as I did:


To accommodate any schema changes, I used osql to drop and recreate the empty ApplicationServerExtensions database:


If you dropped and recreated the database in the previous step, you may receive warnings similar to the following:

image Close this configure form by clicking ‘Cancel’.

After selecting the ‘sqlStoreProvider’ for persistence, click ‘Configure’ to access its settings. Complete this in the same manner as for monitoring. In my case I received the following warning:


After closing the persistence configuration form, click ‘Next’ to start the services and progress to the caching service configuration. Under Caching Service Configuration I selected to store the cache configuration in XML, though you may choose to store it in a SQL Server as an alternative. Create a network share and enter it on the form:


In the following ‘Cache Node’ step, customise port settings if desired. I accepted the defaults and checked to add firewall exceptions before clicking ‘Next’ to proceed:

image image

At this point the configuration is complete. In my case it seems that the management commandlets have not been installed and are unavailable. In the meantime, by starting the ‘AppFabric Caching Service’ we can see that the distributed caching service is now up and running on our configured ports.

M:\>nmap -p 22233-22236 saudev99 -P0

Starting Nmap 5.21 ( http://nmap.org ) at
Nmap scan report for saudev99 (
Host is up (0.0094s latency).
22233/tcp open  unknown
22234/tcp open  unknown
22235/tcp open  unknown
22236/tcp open  unknown
MAC Address: 00:0C:29:D0:D7:7B (VMware)


Now I need to get the powershell console working for this as well. It seems that the Beta 2 equivalent of the Microsoft.Data.Caching.Commands snap-in has not been installed. By referencing Beta 1 I identified that this namespace is defined within the AdminPS.dll assembly, which does not seem to exist in the Beta 2 installation. I’ll have a crack at using the Beta 1 assembly with Beta 2 for the powershell commandlets once I source this DLL from the older installer.


In my next post I’ll be making use of the cache from within .NET applications/


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