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appFabric Beta 2 Distributed Cache Powershell Admin March 2, 2010

Filed under: AppFabric,Cache,Velocity — dotnetdave @ 5:52 am

My difficulties with the associated powershell commands were simply due to lack of knowledge on my part. I am now aware of the new module arrangement for powershell 2 as explained here. Clearly I was looking not only in the wrong place, but for the wrong assembly. With the new arrangement it is no longer necessary to kick up a custom powershell console with a consolefile as it was in version 1.


Simply starting powershell 2 with the ‘-ImportSystemModules’ option will load all the modules installed on the system, including ‘DistributedCacheAdministration’ and ‘DistributedCacheConfiguration’. I was then able to administer the cache cluster (if you can call it a cluster with only 1 node!) as follows:




Happy days! 🙂


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