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Installing Server AppFabric Beta 2 March 1, 2010

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As is often the case with beta releases, the web is packed full of marketing material touting the capabilities and benefits of AppFabric whilst lacking useful deployment details. Since I’ve been unable to find a reasonable walk-through of this process for the new beta 2 release I thought I’d better blog it. Here’s the basic steps I followed:

  • Start with a clean install of Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Add the ‘Application Server’ and ‘Web Server (IIS) Roles
  • Run the Web Platform Installer 2.0
  • Select the ‘Options’ link at bottom left
  • Check the ‘Enterprise’ Checkbox and click OK
  • Now under the ‘Enterprise’ section there should be an option to install ‘Windows Server AppFabric Beta 1’. If this option is not listed, verify that you are running a supported windows OS. If you are running on a pre-R2 server 2008 you will need to patch your system accordingly. Use of this tool will take care of several pre-requisites to save you the time


  • From the windows programs console, uninstall the Beta 1 which we just installed. NOTE: Due to Microsoft’s schizophrenic product naming it is not apparent WHICH program should be uninstalled. In short, ‘Windows Server AppFabric’ == ‘Application Server Extensions for .NET 4’. Inspecting the WPI logfile (%windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log and tracking the installation process eventually led me to the actual executable performing this installation. Re-use this to uninstall the product since I have NFI what this is listed under in the programs listing. You will find this in a directory similar to the following:

C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\installers\AppFabric7Setup\be56d6c05160e27dbc996a1b2b7156e2037eefe6\AseSetup_amd64_6.1.exe

  • Upgrade the .NET 4.0 installation from Beta 2 to RC. (AppFabric Beta 1 requires .NET 4.0 Beta 2, AppFabric Beta 2 requires .NET 4.0 RC). This can be simply installed over-the-top and is available from the following:


  • Download and install Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2

NOTE: Repair the installation of ‘Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile’ at this point as per the last step of this guide to avoid the following problem



  • During the select features step, be sure to check ‘Cache Client’ and ‘Cache Administration’


  • I then received the following pre-requisite problems, both indicating that there is some sort of problem with the .NET 4.0 installation following the ‘upgrade’ from Beta to RC. The referenced help page describes this as ‘Setup has detected that the upgrade from .NET Framework 4 Beta 2 to .NET Framework 4 RC (or beyond) did not fully complete. This could result in an error in enabling non-HTTP activation.’


  • After following the instruction to repair the installation of ‘Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile’ and restarting, I was able to complete the installation. (I’m very surprised as those help files are usually entirely useless and do nothing to help the problem.)


  • Mission accomplished! I’ll blog my experiences configuring and playing with this over the next couple of days.

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