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Web Platform Installer, not as simple as indicated! February 24, 2010

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Well, after hearing about the WPI on several podcasts & reading about it on a few websites I decided to give it a crack. This utility is supposed to make deploying web application servers a simple click-through process. Now I wasn’t being particularly unrealistic in my expectations; no installer can guarantee success in all environments.


So I started with a brand new Server 2008 R2 machine (running under ESXi). No roles, no features, just a base-bones installation of R2 Datacenter.


I then added both the “Application Server” and “Web Server (IIS)” roles.


Next I kicked up the Web Platform Installer. Now it can’t get much simpler than a clean installation of the recommended server product (R2). I didn’t expect any dramas.


But to my surprise, WPI failed to install SQL Server Express 2008 SP1. I was forced to pull this down & install it separately before continuing with WPI.


Fail again MS, Fail again.